Hola mis amigos,
Since we last spoke I have been enjoying a month of Spanish celebrations – Semana Santa with my parents, and then two weeks later La Feria de Abril. We have also been enjoying some amazing weather, with it reaching 35 degrees one day in Semana Santa and not really dropping below 20 degrees since (except when it rained last week – the first time in about 2 months). This is the reason I came to Seville! (Well, one of them…..but one of the most important 😝) Needless to say, the tan is coming on VERY well.

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The Incident in the Bath

Hello once again, dearest readers!

I hope 2017 has treated you well so far – how long did the New Year’s Resolutions last? Don’t worry, it’s almost Lent so you can try again. I have been keeping myself busy running around after children, going to my Spanish choir, and also learning Flamenco in preparation for Feria de Abril (ironically in May this year!). The sun continues to shine gloriously here and it is now reaching around 22 degrees in the middle of the day again. It was actually warm enough to have a barbeque and eat outside on our terrace two weeks ago! Barbeques in January, who ever thought it?!


I have been with this family for just over 2 months now and am definitely feeling like an older sister almost to the boys. We have a lot of fun rolling around on the floor and playing, and Agu’s new favourite English phrase is ‘Chase me!’ – which is handy as it gets him home from English lessons a LOT faster than when he walks! Unfortunately, Luisette has been teething of late and so has been a little more difficult when it comes to eating (he usually eats more than his brother 😲). We also had a few ‘incidents in the bath’….for those of you with a delicate stomach, be warned that this next part might disgust you…

As you may or may not know, little children often have a ‘poo face’ (I apologise for the crudeness), and I learnt to recognise Luisette’s early on. So, we were having bath-time one evening when he suddenly started pulling the face. I luckily managed to whip him out of the bath and dangle him over the toilet just in time. Luisette however wasn’t impressed and promptly started to cry – probably due to shock that he had started to do a poo in the bath, and probably also because he didn’t like being dangled over the toilet where he cold easily fall in and disappear into the sewers…..(Anybody else ever had that fear?) Anyway, I felt quite proud that we had avoided that disaster. HOWEVER, a few days later we were once again in the bath and he pulled the dreaded face. I asked him if he was doing a ‘caca’ and he shook his head saying ‘no, no’, but I was fairly sure that was just because he didn’t want to be dangled over the toilet-monster again. On edge, I kept my eye on him but, true to his word, he didn’t seem to be doing a poo….We continued bath-time quite happily until Luisette suddenly broke wind and THERE WAS A POO FLOATING IN THE BATH!! Luisette was surprised as I was. I franticly started to try and fish it out with the various bath toys…unsuccessfully – possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever done. I resorted to simply draining the bath and firing the shower head in the right way to wash it all away. I then washed my hands about 20 thousand times… Luisette however was having a great time and seemed rather amused by my reaction!


Between fishing poo out of the bath and changing nappies in the park (WHAT HAS MY LIFE BECOME??!), I have also started clases of Sevillanas at my gym, which is a type of Flamenco dance. As soon as I had decided on Seville as my destination I knew I would have to learn how to dance Flamenco in order to be able to take part in the Feria de Abril without looking like a complete numpty. We learnt the entire first Sevillana in the first class and I am having some trouble in remembering what comes next in the sequence! It is so much fun and I feel like such a sassy Flamenco-ist with the hands and everything, I can’t wait for the Feria. I just hope I will be able to remember all the steps – there are 3 more completely different dances we are going to learn apparently!

In other news, I HAVE FOUND SOME ENGLISH AU PAIRS!!! As it turns out, there are actually loads of us, and even a girl from Scotland (I’d love to know if her kids are developing a Scottish accent!). We had great fun going to watch ‘La La Land’ at the cinema (yes in Spanish, but the songs were in English and that’s the bit the counts), and we have also been exploring more of Seville by getting lost in the little winding streets and 20170113_203933attempting to try out as many tapas bars as possible – a considerable challenge as I was told that for every ONE person in Seville, there are TEN bars! *Challenge accepted*. These adventures provide a welcome break to my exhausting week of playing animals, animals, and MORE ANIMALS. I am beginning to dream about them in my sleep….It is of course, still much more fun than being locked in a library studying, as many of my friends at Uni are currently. One of the recent highlights was watching Frozen with Agu one Friday evening when the parents went out. We had ice cream and I sang all the songs very loudly, to the great amusement of Agu. And he even managed to stay awake until the end of the film!

Until next time my exquisitely English chums,

Besos, Katie



Au Pairs hit the town

Los Reyes!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! And Happy Kings Day too! I am feeling rather spoilt, having had two Christmases this year. I enjoyed a lovely Christmas at home, although I felt quite busy due to my attempts to see all my friends and various family members. I then came back to Seville on the 2nd to start Christmas all over again! Continue reading

Christmas Festivities

This week has been a week of firsts:
• First time I changed a nappy in a park (lovely experience….)
• First time to read a bedtime story in Spanish
• First time to see a Spanish ‘Belén’ (a nativity scene)
• First time to eat churros (FINALLY!)
It has been an eventful, and frankly exhausting, week. Marta had to go to Malaga for work from Thursday afternoon until Saturday, and then she and Agusto had a Christmas lunch celebration for Agusto’s work on Saturday, and so I was childminding all of Saturday as well! Continue reading

The Mystery of the Oxbridge Interviews

So my dear readers, the long-awaited moment finally arrived – an interview at Oxford to read English Literature and Spanish at Lady Margaret Hall College. The good thing about doing a gap year is that it gives you a relatively blasé feeling towards most things, and I have to admit that I was less nervous about the interview than I was about travelling to Oxford by myself. The journey involved a flight from Seville to Gatwick, a train from Gatwick to Reading, then Reading to Oxford, and then somehow finding my way to the right college from the train station. Not to mention that I had to find somewhere to buy an English sim card for my phone to avoid a repeat of the terrifying experience of my last trip back home when I was stranded ALONE and without ANY MEANS OF CONTACTING ANYONE. My mum had thought it would be prudent to send me an English sim card in the post so that I would have one before I came to England……of course, it didn’t arrive in time. Even the post is late in Spain!! Continue reading

Is it Christmas yet?

This week has undoubtedly been the best so far in Seville! Despite the fact I am nursing a black-eye thanks to Luisette (be wary of over-excited toddlers with plastic horses…), everything about my new family is wonderful! It has been a very busy week though and it feels like I have had to learn everything all over again – where the school is, where the nearest shops are, etc, as it is a different area of Seville. That being said, I have only got lost once, although it did involve me cycling round in circles for about 20 minutes… Continue reading

I’m determined to make it feel like Autumn…

In the past two weeks I have experienced torrential rain and thunderstorms, blazing sunshine and blue skies with 30 degree heat, and currently the frosty autumnal British temperature of 10 degrees. I am once again sat in Stanstead airport waiting to fly back to Seville after coming home briefly to sit my Oxbridge Admissions Test yesterday. It was a short and beautifully autumnal visit home, but now it is back to 25 degrees and lots of sunshine, and I can honestly say my body temperature has become VERY confused and I don’t whether to put on big fluffy socks and a winter jumper like my hibernating-instincts are telling me to, or whether to whip out the bikini again as the forecast for Seville suggest I should do…… Continue reading

Time to be a Tourist

This weekend, my mum and sister visited me in what was, until Friday, sunny Seville. Typically, this weekend was the only time that I have experienced full cloud in the sky and heavy rain for more than two hours in one go. It rained ALL WEEKEND. I mean it really didn’t stop. At all. Still, we were not put off and used the opportunity to be proper tourists, visiting the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar, and of course also getting lost in the old town’s beautiful winding streets. We did try to visit the Plaza de Espana, but that failed. It turns out that heavy rain closes the Plaza due to the threat of falling branches….. Next time, I guess! Continue reading