Time to be a Tourist

This weekend, my mum and sister visited me in what was, until Friday, sunny Seville. Typically, this weekend was the only time that I have experienced full cloud in the sky and heavy rain for more than two hours in one go. It rained ALL WEEKEND. I mean it really didn’t stop. At all. Still, we were not put off and used the opportunity to be proper tourists, visiting the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar, and of course also getting lost in the old town’s beautiful winding streets. We did try to visit the Plaza de Espana, but that failed. It turns out that heavy rain closes the Plaza due to the threat of falling branches….. Next time, I guess! Continue reading


Au pair, au pairs – everywhere!

Can you believe it, I have been here for 3 weeks now! The weather has finally turned ‘autumnal’ – although in Spain this means temperatures of around 25 degrees and the occasional cloud (shocking, I know). However, after heights of 34, this feels quite cold and so I have worn trousers for the first time since arriving – it even rained on Wednesday! Otherwise, normal Spanish life continues…..This week’s saga includes: Seville’s serious drain issue, yet more food-based bribery, almost burning the house down, and meeting an army of German au pairs…..all blonde….. Continue reading

“What do you mean it’s burnt? It’s just well-cooked!”


The most important part of being an au pair is the bond with the children. If you don’t bond, you are doomed (as they told me when I arrived here – not terrifying in the slightest). I therefore set about plotting how best to win over the fickle hearts of my 13 and 9 year-old girls. Being a domestic goddess (haha), I of course thought it would be a great idea to persuade them to like me by showing them my awesome skills at PIZZA MAKING!!!   Continue reading

I survived a week!

I am sitting in a small café on la calle de Asunción drinking a cappuccino with a fresh croissant. It is Sunday and there are pop-up stalls littering the streets selling clothes, jewellery, flowers, everything! Today it is only (!) 25 degrees, a more normal temperature for October in Seville, compared to the blazing 32 degrees that we have been experiencing for the last few days. I have been here for a whole week now, but I am still adjusting to the different lifestyle – eating lunch at 3 o’clock and dinner at 9 o’clock, the foreign language, and the boisterous nature of Spanish streets, restaurants, and children. Continue reading