Christmas Festivities

This week has been a week of firsts:
• First time I changed a nappy in a park (lovely experience….)
• First time to read a bedtime story in Spanish
• First time to see a Spanish ‘Belén’ (a nativity scene)
• First time to eat churros (FINALLY!)
It has been an eventful, and frankly exhausting, week. Marta had to go to Malaga for work from Thursday afternoon until Saturday, and then she and Agusto had a Christmas lunch celebration for Agusto’s work on Saturday, and so I was childminding all of Saturday as well! Continue reading


The Mystery of the Oxbridge Interviews

So my dear readers, the long-awaited moment finally arrived – an interview at Oxford to read English Literature and Spanish at Lady Margaret Hall College. The good thing about doing a gap year is that it gives you a relatively blasé feeling towards most things, and I have to admit that I was less nervous about the interview than I was about travelling to Oxford by myself. The journey involved a flight from Seville to Gatwick, a train from Gatwick to Reading, then Reading to Oxford, and then somehow finding my way to the right college from the train station. Not to mention that I had to find somewhere to buy an English sim card for my phone to avoid a repeat of the terrifying experience of my last trip back home when I was stranded ALONE and without ANY MEANS OF CONTACTING ANYONE. My mum had thought it would be prudent to send me an English sim card in the post so that I would have one before I came to England……of course, it didn’t arrive in time. Even the post is late in Spain!! Continue reading

Is it Christmas yet?

This week has undoubtedly been the best so far in Seville! Despite the fact I am nursing a black-eye thanks to Luisette (be wary of over-excited toddlers with plastic horses…), everything about my new family is wonderful! It has been a very busy week though and it feels like I have had to learn everything all over again – where the school is, where the nearest shops are, etc, as it is a different area of Seville. That being said, I have only got lost once, although it did involve me cycling round in circles for about 20 minutes… Continue reading