Christmas Festivities

This week has been a week of firsts:
• First time I changed a nappy in a park (lovely experience….)
• First time to read a bedtime story in Spanish
• First time to see a Spanish ‘Belén’ (a nativity scene)
• First time to eat churros (FINALLY!)
It has been an eventful, and frankly exhausting, week. Marta had to go to Malaga for work from Thursday afternoon until Saturday, and then she and Agusto had a Christmas lunch celebration for Agusto’s work on Saturday, and so I was childminding all of Saturday as well!
Agusto went out on Thursday evening (instead of Friday so that he was still good for the Saturday fiesta!), and so I was on bedtime duty. I didn’t have to put Luisette down to sleep though (that is reserved for Saturday! 😲 ). Agu and I watched telly for a bit and then went to read a story in bed. We had to wait for Luisette to be completely asleep, and also then had to read the story by phone-torch light, which is actually quite hard to do as my phone kept turning off. We read a very interesting and educational book about dinosaurs,the names of which I can’t pronounce in English let alone Spanish! It was a bit heavy for a bedtime story if you ask me. I then also went to bed – I am still amazed that 4yr olds seem able to survive going to bed at 10 o’clock every night, sometimes later. I can barely survive if I turn my light out much later than 10:30 when I am getting up at 7:30. I was especially keen to get to bed as Agusto had asked me to get Luisette up on Friday as he wakes up at about 6:30-7:00 in the mornings and he was clearly going to be a little worn out (hung over, I think….!). I was therefore dragged out of my warm bed at 6:45 to satisfy a squawking Luisette. We then spent a fairly relaxed hour lying on the sofa and watching nursery rhymes, with Luisette making sure I didn’t fall asleep again by tapping me every time I closed my eyes… Agu then woke up at the early time of 7:45 – he is normally quite difficult to get up, but the prospect of the next present in the advent calendar has proved an effective method for getting him out of bed without any prompting. By the time Agusto himself appeared I had the two of them eating breakfast and Agu was already dressed in his pig costume for the Belén. His school was holding two days of Christmas Nativiy where all the youngest children (3-4yr olds) dressed up in their costume and acted out the Nativity scene. As there are quite a lot of children, it was therefore an impressive Nativity scene. There was the usual Mary, Joseph, Kings, Shepherds and animals, but then we also had Romans, Herod, servants, people of the town, and about a million angels (you can never have to many after all!). Of course, it is typical that Agu was a pig, but he did look very cute in the outfit! To be honest, this was a fairly normal size Nativity scene for Spain – the Spaniards are never content with just the normal crew, and tend to invite all the Romans and randomers of the Bethlehem neighbourhood along as well….

On Friday afternoons Agu comes home from school at 2:00pm, so we normally play for a bit after lunch and then go to the park. I decided that this Friday we should make some Christmas biscuits! Agu seemed excited by the idea and certainly enjoyed playing with the dough. It is a lot harder to make biscuits with a 4yr old as they want to do it all themselves but are a bit too brutal with the dough. We had many a squished gingerbread man and the mice proved very difficult indeed (Christmas mice ok?!). Unfortunately, I will admit that they didn’t turn out great. We only had self-raising flour so they spread quite a lot in tee oven. Also, they didn’t taste as good as others I have made before, mainly because I only had a limited amount of golden syrup left over from what my Mum sent me for the last time, so I think they were lacking a bit of sugar….and maybe a bit too much ginger…. However, we had fun decorating them, even if most of the smarties ended up in Agu’s tummy rather than on the biscuits! The finished product were certainly worthy of a 4yr old’s attempts if nothing else. Later on, Agu’s friend Lolita (Lola turned Spanish) came over and they were playing quite happily by themselves most of the afternoon. Luisette was not quite as content, and we were both on the verge of tears by about 7:15. I declared it bath-time, the best part of the day without a doubt, and he cheered up pretty quickly. Why do babies love bath-time so much?



Not the most professional-looking biscuits!

On Saturday Agu had a Christmas party at his tennis club which he does twice a week. As I would otherwise be by myself with both boys for most of the day for the first time, Marta’s mother came to help out and also to drive us to the tennis club. She watched Agu doing his tennis activities while I chased Luisette around making sure he didn’t eat the entire sand pit, as he seemed determined to do. After the activities they provided a merienda (the late-afternoon snack) of churros con chocolate. Despite having been in Seville now for almost 3 months I was yet to try churros! This was therefore and important event in my journey to ‘Becoming a Seviliian’. Shockingly, the weather was a freezing 12 degrees on Saturday, and so after spending 3 hours outside I was completely frozen and couldn’t feel my toes – I wasn’t prepared for the occassion. Once I am cold that’s it, I will be cold until my feet find a radiator and someone gives me a cup of tea! Therefore, the warm churros and lovely hot chocolate probably tasted a lot better than it otherwise would do. Certainly, without the chocolate to dip them into I have to admit that I don’t think churros are up to much! But I enjoyed the experience and they did help  warm me up a bit 😊
We went back to the house for another 2 hours of playing animals (of course) before bath-time and bed. I don’t know where kids get their energy from. I was dying on the floor, which suited the boys just fine as one of their favourite games is ‘sandwich’, which involves essentially just lying on top of each other in a large, often rather slobbery, pile while chanting ‘sandwich, sandwich, sandwich’. Great fun if you’re not at the bottom, which I obviously always am. Thankfully, Luisette was fairly exhausted from all of this and I managed to get him to sleep quite easily. He did wake up a few times due to his cough, but went back to sleep again quite quickly. The cutest thing was that when I went to soothe Luisette when he woke up for the second time, I returned to find that Agu had fallen asleep on the sofa where I had left him watching the telly. Adorable. He was so out of it that he didn’t even wake up when I accidently hit his head on the door frame carrying him to bed. (Thankfully!)



Spanish Christmas Tree (not that different from English ones…)

After such a busy week I am ready for my Christmas break. I am definitely looking forward to being able to sleep without being woken up by a crying boy at least once a night. (Of course this doesn’t really bother me as I already wake up at about a dozen times a night anyway – #insmoniac) I have started to imagine hearing him crying….All that is left to do is a bit of last minute Christmas shopping before it is home on Thursday to the  freezing English weather…The electric blanket on my bed better still be working!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. If you are celebrating King’s Day as well, then I wish you a fabby fiesta – as I am sure our celebrations will be! Until then…
Besos, Katie


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